All The Materials are thoroughly tested as per our Standard Norms
  Finished Products are tested as per the respective pharmacopiea
  All testing facilities are in-house
  Our constant R&D in our labs for
development of new products
results in manufacturing of
Imidazolidinyl Urea
  Diazolidinyl Urea
  DMI - Skin Penetrant
  Why Salicylates  

Very Few Plants in the world manufacturing PHBA & Parabens, Hydantoins, Isothiazolonones and Several preservatives for Personal care.

Manufacturing entire range of Sunscreens
Input cost low due to Total Backward Integration

Consistency in quality due to in house inputs

MIC Testing ( Challenge Test ) - Conducted
Ability to manufacture any preservative formulations
MNC's Sourcing from India & Salicylates
India becoming - Global player in chemical business - Due to "Low Rawmaterial Cost"

Advantages Over China

Salicylates has wide range of Preservatives compared to any Individual Chinese company

Approval in MNC's

Complete technical backup including challenge test
Support with respect to marketing like joint participation in Fair's, Customer visits, Brochures etc.
Support with respect to manufacturing of any specific formulations







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