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Essential Oil Blends  

Cosmetics and their usage date back to early civilizations when personal appearance was considered as an important reason for a person to attract a mate. Over the years, these cosmetics and the ways of manufacturing them have changed considerably with new technological advancements. There are a variety of cosmetics that are used in beauty industry today chemical as well as herbal, these products range from oils, creams, balms etc. Of these, oils can be used in many ways to achieve beauty, relaxation and skin glow. Many of the oils are also used for therapeutic activity.

To meet specific psychological, physical or emotional effect in therapy,

essential oil blends

can be a powerful tool. 100% pure, therapeutic grade, essential oils are chosen for their desired effect, fragrance and medicinal as well as cosmetic benefits. These blends are widely used in formulations of personal care, aromatherapy, products that are used to meet the specific goal of treatments.

The vital ingredients of these oil blends are usually affordable. They can be easily found in organic or natural forms. They are not hard to get hold of. Using these blends will make your new cosmetic products smell and feel good showing an immediate effect on your skin.

Since there are not many preservatives used in these natural oil blends, it is important to avoid contamination by bacteria. Store them carefully, use the right tools of application, like cotton swabs and exercise caution if you’re allergic to ingredients like avocados, nuts or other such allergy causing food ingredients. In some cases, a blend is specifically created for spot application or diffuser use. Such blends may not be applicable to the full body. Hence, a safety check is important prior its application.

A good therapeutic blend will use all natural and pure essential oils to deliver the desired benefit. The oils being used should be synergistic to support and enhance each oil’s effect. There’s no limit about how many oils can be used in a single blend. Depending on the nature of blend being prepared, a mixture of various oils can be combined in the right proportions to meet the right composition. But, one needs to remember that these blended oils will merge over time and the fragrance may change. So, if you want a particular desired fragrance, the composition needs to be blended so.

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